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Office 365 Overview


Office 365 can connect your organization together in a way that will aid productivity and success. However, the entire company must have the knowledge to use the tools effectively. For example, if one of your staff is out of balance with overall business strategies, then the company will not be able to advance its technological goals. Therefore, choosing a process that will strengthen company goals will help your organization succeed.

The following are courses that can accomplish your quest for success.


Office 365 consists of many products and Apps to be used for a variety of purposes. This certification program will provide training for a broad range of products and provide knowledge of the unique productive aspects. You might say that Office 365 is like a Swiss Army Knife! There are many ways to use the product, but its success depends on who is using it and what its intended uses are. The following is a common basic Office 365 menu screen but there are many more Apps that can be covered:













The result of this focused 2-hour training will provide a deeper understanding of the tools available and how to put those tools to work for you. You may learn useful capabilities to increase overall productivity and having this overall knowledge will help you decide what is most relevant for your environment.  

Here are a few characteristics of the remote online classes:

Each class is 2 hours in length.

Each course has a focused topic.

Courseware will be downloadable

Exercise files will be provided.

Technical support is provided after the course in case your environment has a different setup.

There will be an online exam is available.

Other Training Options Available

Focused Application 2-hour classes:

      Excel - Critical Skills

      Excel – Worksheet Manipulation

      Excel - Formulas and Functions

      Excel - Pivot Tables

      Word - Critical Skills

      Word – Sections/Header/Footer

      Word – Long Document

      PowerPoint - Creating Presentations

      PowerPoint - Animating Graphics

      OneNote - Taking Digital Notes

How does Online Learning work?

You and the instructor connect through the Internet and high quality training is provided!

Download a complete list of the classes and Dates.

Core Office 365 2-hour classes:

      Communication Strategies - Using Outlook

      Sharing Files and Online Tools - Using Onedrive

      Teamsite - Using SharePoint Development Tools

      Office365 Apps - Using Yammer, Delve and Other Apps

      Remote Meetings - Using Skype

Classroom Features:


 - High Quality Experienced
 - Review what we offer in the
   upper left corner


  - Your home, office, or
     conference room
- A training center near you

 - Documentation Provided.

  - Practice Files Provided

  - Hands on Computer and

  - Customized to meet your
     individual needs.



Online Advantages:

 Advantages to you

  - No travel required.

  - Learn in the comfort of your
    own home or office.

  - No worries about weather.

During Class

  - Ask questions via chat / audio.

  - The practice files allow
     students to
explore the
     application on their own.

  - The Instructor explains

  - Students can easily view the
     instructor's screen.

After Class

  - Email help is available after

  - Valuable Hands-On



Personal Attention:

Student Skill Level

  - Classes are adapted to meet
    your personal needs.

  - Bring your own examples to
   develop understanding.


  - Your home, library or related


  - Class skill level depends on
    each student.
  - Class pace can be adjusted as

Class Times
  - Hourly, 1/2 or full day sessions

Overall Advantages
  - Personal attention

  - Learn at an accelerated rate
 - Greater comprehension.